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Humans of New York

This is a public service announcement. I just found this website Humans of New York. Brandon is a photographer who lost his job and now takes pictures of people on the street and asks them questions. Absolutely amazing! He is now traveling the Middle East and the world. A true picture of humanity. Enjoy. Humans … Continue reading

Peach Fire

Peach Fire

I was looking through Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz to find inspiration for things I bought at the farmers market. I do look forward to getting his new book The Art of Fermentation. I am trying out different kimchee recipes and techniques and his recipe on fruit kimchee sparked my interest. I love sweet and … Continue reading

Glashaus at The Goetheanum

Glashaus at The Goetheanum

The architecture of The Goetheanum and surrounding buildings designed by Rudolf Steiner was fascinating. This website, Visual Melt, has more incredible pictures of the Glashaus and other buildings. “Every building deprives a portion of the earth of sun, wind and rain and probably plant and animal life as well. It must redeem this sacrifice by … Continue reading