Heavenly Apricot Sauce

A case of ripe apricots can bring the heat of summer into a cold winter day and towards the end of the season you can get bargains on ripe fruit that the grower needs to move as soon as possible.

First you wash and easily squeeze the pit out of the apricot into a large pan.

Do not throw the pits away, as there are amazing benefits to eating apricot pits.

Crack open pit as you would an almond.

Eat at least one apricot pit a day, and store them in your refrigerator.

Simmer the apricots on the stove and continue to stir so they do not burn on the bottom. The apricots will begin to soften and break down into a sauce.

When they have cooked down slowly and have all softened, blend smooth with a stick blender. A stick blender is really a must to make sauces, pureed soups and so much more. You can puree this sauce in a food processor or blender, but a stick blender is so much quicker and easier.

Pour apricot sauce into small jars. Melt some coconut oil and pour on top to seal out the air, as the oxygen will cause the apricot sauce to discolor. Put jars into the freezer until ready to use. Apricot sauce will be fine in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks. Any discoloration can just be stirred into the sauce. Great for over ice cream, on pancakes… and here we serve it to sweeten kefir, this being kefir made from raw colostrum. Delicious.

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