Broth is Beautiful – Chicken Feet are not

In helping our wonderful local farmers, , process their fat, healthy chickens, I was given the feet. Chicken feet are the magic in chicken soup, making a thick gelatinous broth, good for all that ails, or to insure no ails will come.

The feet are not lovely, and if when the chickens are put in a hot water bath after slaughter to remove the feathers easier that the feet are also not submerged, then the outer layer of skin must be removed before freezing or using the feet.

Feet which still have the outer layer intact must be quickly submerged in boiling water, then in a cold water bath before the skin is easily removed.

The outer yellow layer can now easily be pulled off, leaving clean skin underneath. The outer nail is also pried off with a flick of a knife, leaving a clean underneath nail which should be left on.

Once the feet have been peeled, place them in a bowl of cold water in which some white vinegar has been added, to further clean them, drain and place in freezer bags in the freezer.

Here is a wonderful article on the benefits of bone broths, including the feet.

Broth is Beautiful – Weston A Price Foundation.

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