Remote Milking / Foot Rot

Annabelle, our Jersey cow, began limping, and it continued to get worse. We have kept our livestock on our irrigated meadows this spring, and grazing on wet grass can lead to foot rot. She did get foot rot in one of her hind hooves, so we moved her to a paddock which was dry. Cleaning the hoof, cutting away some of it and applying iodine is the prescription, coupled with time and dry ground.

Our dairy steer bawled all night and the next day, wondering where in the world we had taken Annabelle and her new calf. He figured we had them stashed inside the house.

Remote milking on the dry meadow with Annabelle and Siegfried Farnon.

Milk is filtered right into mason jars. Inside this funnel is a fine mesh copper coffee filter and inside that is a regular milk filter.

We fill up six half-gallon mason jars, for three gallons of rich raw milk. Once a day milking, totally grass-fed and keeping the calf on the cow makes everyone happy all around.

We took them home today, after about ten days on this dry meadow, her limping and foot rot were healed.

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