Breakfast sausage from Pastured Pork

Ground pork from pastured pigs is night and day different from confinement Big Farm pigs. Even pastured pork usually is processed at a USDA government slaughter house, which is why I choose plain ground pork and add my own ingredients instead of buying it premixed.

Our favorite herbs for breakfast sausage are dried winter savory (or fresh if you have it) and sage preserved in Apple Cider vinegar and honey (or fresh if you have it.) Winter Savory preserves best if you harvest it right before or at the beginning of blooming, wash and hang in a dark place to air dry. When completely dry, pack it in glass jars and keep in the pantry.

The easiest way to use woody stemmed herbs you have dried is to get a mortar and pestle (thank you Christopher) and gently rub all the leaves off the stems, and pick out the woody stems.

To the ground pork add the dried herbs, good sea salt, cayenne pepper, black pepper and some sage/acv honey, mix well.

Make into patties, or stuff into tomatoes… and cook, and make sure to save the awesome fat to cook eggs in, or sauté vegetables.

Farmer’s Sunday Brunch

Factor x Fermented Butter Oil/Cod Liver (aka. “Dog Poop”, per Luit)
Raw milk – Parker Pastures
Coffee with raw whipped cream – Parker Pastures
Homemade Strawberry Kombucha
Fresh bread – Farmer’s Market
Raw butter – Annabelle
Omlette – cooked in Parker bacon grease
(Huizenga chicken eggs (Ron Paul free, not “free range.”)
Homegrown local tomatoes – Farmers Market
Local fresh Purslane – Farmers Market
Fresh Goat cheese – Farmers Market)
Roasted Stuffed tomato
(Pastured ground pork – Parker Pastures
Fresh Summer Savory – Farmers Market
Fresh Lemon Thyme – garden
Red pepper flakes, salt, pepper)
Local cherries – Farmers market.
Fresh lavender -farmers market

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