“Mama, Butterfly was scared.”

We are lamb-sitting our friend’s bottle lamb, Butterfly. Our dd came in the house and said, “Mama, Butterfly was scared.” Here is how it goes.

‎”Mama, Butterfly was scared. We were standing in the driveway and Jack had just pulled his trailer up the hill, hooked to his dump truck. All of a sudden I see the trailer racing backwards down the hill and I thought that Jack was amazing at backing up a trailer, but then I saw there was no dump truck! The trailer made the turn in the road, sped past me, missed Jack’s car and Dad’s trailer, made a turn and broke through the wood rail fence and crashed into the garden fence, stopping right before the horseradish. The only thing is, it broke our phone line.”. Wow, Jack surely has some great Guardian Angel trailer drivers. 😉

“Now, what is that I see tangled up in the fence in your trailer axel, Jack? Oh, yes! It is our Ron Paul banner which was hanging on the fence”: “I vote for Peace. Ron Paul 2012.” So indeed, this is where the exact impact the trailer made was, right on our Ron Paul banner, after it had maneuvered two turns in the road, missed a car and the trailer, and a daughter and a lamb, and some horseradish.

That is some banner! I am glad I ordered two, because this one was ripped in too many pieces. That is some man, Ron Paul. We have been lucky to have had him in our government for over 30 years. Too bad more people have not been able to see what a treasure he is. Ron Paul 2008 and Ron Paul 2012, I will never vote for anyone else. period.

We love him.

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