Sweet and Savory Coleslaw

This type of salad with raw cabbage and other vegetables with some sweet fruit, mixed with aoli, is one of our favorites.  The best types of cabbage for this slaw are savoy cabbage or green Dutch flat, but any cabbage will do.  For this salad I sliced the cabbage very thin, sliced the leaves and florets of heirloom broccoli, chopped peaches, diced hot pepper, diced onion.

Aoli gives this salad lots of flavor and a hotness to go with the sweet fruit. I do many variations on this salad, beginning with thinly sliced cabbage and onions, add shredded carrots, shredded raw beets, chopped raw broccoli, diced celery, sprouts, lots of cilantro… and for fruit I use chopped apples, dried cranberries or raisins. The possibilities are endless.

Stir everything well and add salt, cayenne pepper as needed.

Even better the next day.

2 thoughts on “Sweet and Savory Coleslaw

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