Why I left civilization to milk my own cow.

Annabelle and Siegfried Farnon

Hand Picked Nation asked me to be a contributor to their site and this is the first article I wrote for them.

I Left Civilization for Raw Milk – HandPicked Nation.


I really meant it about the cream in the coffee.  🙂


Here is how I whip cream.  I get a quart mason jar and my stick blender with the whisk attachment.  I don’t use the plastic container that comes with the blender because the cream usually spills over, which it does not do with the mason jar. It only takes about a minute for the most delectable whipped cream you have ever had. Coffee turns into ambrosia.

Raw cream separates to the top of the jar of raw milk and you can ladle off the cream. Have you ever thought about the color named “cream?”  Martha Stewart would never name one of her paint colors containing the name cream unless it were a rich buttery yellow, not the pure pasty white of cream from the grocery store.  Real cream, and raw milk, are a creamy rich yellow and good old Elsa gives a lot of cream per jar.

It is 10 degrees (f) and windy outside and I am getting ready to go milk my cow, in our open shed.  Elsa, unlike sweet Annabelle, still kicks some and lets her milk down painfully slow, and has small teats to boot, but no matter, it is worth it.  All is well with the world knowing that we have our own supply of liquid gold.


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