Where’s the Crunch?

Being on the low carb/ high fat diet I have no need to say, “where’s the beef?” but certainly say, “where’s the crunch?” Also I miss Mexican food, but it is definitely worth it. So as a chip substitute and to satisfy my cumin cravings I made Master Tonic Mexican Kale Chips.

I dearly love cumin and have found the flavor much more pronounced using the whole seed instead of purchasing ground cumin. Having the cumin seed always at the ready is solved by soaking it in too-sour kombucha.


The seeds will soften and will break apart easily in mortar and pestle or food processor. I love the punch that my Master Tonic gives, so instead of using aoli to make my kale chips, I decided to make a cumin/Master Tonic Mayonnaise.


I placed two heaping spoonfuls of the soaked cumin seed along with two eggs into my food processor and let it run a bit. Slowly I poured olive oil into the machine while it was running until a thick mayonnaise was made. I added a delicious Hawaiian Red Sea Salt to taste and five or six heaping spoonfuls of the solids of the Master Tonic, which contains ginger, onions, garlic, horseradish, and hot peppers in Apple Cider Vinegar. Processing thoroughly again, taste for flavor, and you can add more olive oil at this point if you want a thicker consistency. Incredible mayo! and wonderful to have on hand for a dip, salad dressing, to roast vegetables in…

This variety of kale is my favorite to grow in the garden, and to make kale chips with. Wash and dry the kale and cut into strips about two inches wide.


In a bowl, coat the kale pieces with the Master Tonic cumin mayonnaise, using your hands to get it into the deep crevices, and spread each piece out flat on parchment lined cookie sheets. (Am I allowed to say “cookie” on the low carb/high fat diet? I think not.)


Bake in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes until they are nice and crisp. Sprinkle on some real sea salt if you think they need it.


“Mama, are they ready yet?” 🙂


4 thoughts on “Where’s the Crunch?

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  2. I made your sprouted almond butter this morning! I peeled the skis off after soaking as that seemed the natural thing to do. It turned out pretty nice even if the boys can’t understand why it’s white.

    Kale chips will have to wait. I’ve made them a coue of times with curly kale but they get too crisp. I’m gonna try your method after baby is born lest they send me into labor in the kitchen.

    • Oh Rebecca it is so good to hear from you! I must have not soaked my almonds as long as you because the skins were not loose, but I think that the phytic acid is so much lessened by soaking, rinsing and barely sprouting that you don’t need to go to the extra effort of peeling. Anyway, I think ours is pretty good, but it certainly gets hard in the refrigerator with all the coconut oil! 🙂 The Master Tonic is something I have just loved having on hand, for so many things, and the mayonnaise turned out great. We miss you all and look so forward to news of the new baby and how you are doing. Love, love Jamie

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