Scottish Highland Fold

Full circle.  My family is Scottish on my father’s maternal side and I have always loved Scottish Highland cattle, but it was way too hot for them in Texas.  I lived for several months when I was 18 in the lovely moors of Scotland with my dear cousins, and it was magical.  They had given me their address in Scotland and I made my way with my heavy backpack full of books I had gotten from my stay in Switzerland for a few months studying at L’Abri with Francis Schaeffer.  One day I arrived at their doorstep and since they were not home I waited for them for a couple of hours.  Up they drive with trailer in tow and upon seeing me, their jaw dropped.  They had just moved from Germany and were arriving in Scotland just then and of course had no idea when I was coming!  I have very good, and busy, guardian angels.

Last week we got a small fold (Highlands are not in herds but folds) of three cows, two calves, and two heifers.  Yesterday we had our third calf, and today there is a blizzard with a few inches of snow on the ground and more falling! So much for winter in April.


The first calf is named Aberdeen.


“Daddy, can I ride with Aberdeen in the trailer to take them down the valley?”


“Daddy, can I carry her?”




“I can’t see a thing!”




“Mama, can I ride on top of the trailer going back home?”



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