Baby Highlander Theoden

“I did not pick the best week to be born. April 8th, 2013 was my birthday and I guess the day was ok, but that night it rained and rained and when I woke up, there was 6 inches of snow which turned into a foot.”


“The other calves are a couple of weeks older than I am, but they aren’t having much fun either.”


“I sure wish my mom made more milk, as this certainly isn’t enough.”


“The next day was a bit warmer and the snow is melting some.”


“At least I can get out of the wind between these two hay bales.”


“I’m still pretty miserable.”


“But at least the sun comes out every once in a while.”


“I can’t wait until I grow up a little bit and lots of hair like her, even though she can barely see.”


“I sure wish my mom would make more yummy milk for me.”


“Well, it is now April, 21 and I have been through warm days, ice rain, more snow and a very empty tummy. Today I’m not going to even follow the fold, because I can barely walk.”

“Where is Theoden?”


“He is over there.”


“Here I am. I just can’t walk anymore. I’m just skin over bones.”


Theoden, “Faline, I have heard that your mama, Elsa, gives a lot of milk. Do you think she might make enough extra so that I can have a couple of bottles a day?”

Faline, “Oh yes, Theoden, she does make a lot, and I would love to share with you. I hope she is not as cranky in the future, as she kicks my people and yesterday the man almost spilled over the milk bucket!”


Theoden, “Faline! I have never seen such an udder! Your mom is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! I already feel a lot better.”


“Tonight, even though I’ve just had one bottle of Elsa’s rich creamy colostrum, I feel so much better I joined the fold and my Mama.”


“If my mom gets more alfalfa and Chaffehaye then hopefully she will make more milk for me.”


“I’m not very fast right now, so you can catch me very easily.”


“I remember this from this morning. Yum! Thank you.”



“We sure can’t wait for the grass to start growing. Too bad there is a snowstorm coming tonight.”


“Thank you so much. I really don’t think I would have made it through today if I hadn’t gotten something in my tummy.”


2 thoughts on “Baby Highlander Theoden

    • He is so darling. Thank God the man was here. It is highly doubtful he would have made it through the snowy night if we hadn’t have given him those two bottles of colostrum yesterday. The jury is still out on how he will do, but at least we saved him for now. Hurry up Spring!

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