Guess who laid an egg?

Ginger!    Ok, laugh all you want, but since we don’t have a tv,  I have gotten my daughter hooked on dvd’s of shows I loved as a child: Gilligan’s Island (hence the name Ginger), The Walton’s, Leave it to Beaver and our favorite Green Acres. I have to say my life would be complete, dork that I am, if I could find a copy of Lost in Space.

Here is Ginger’s egg I found this evening.


Can you guess which one it is?  Before I go on, it should be said that Ginger “is not for eating” (“What about them? Their fresh. What about their legs? They don’t need those.”) Ok I digress, but only Lord of the Rings fans will get that one.

Anyway, while Ginger may not be for eating, she obviously isn’t for laying, but that is ok. Sometimes life’s purpose is just about being, and we love her.  Last March when we got our new batch of chicks and ducklings, the man gave the unwanted bantam Buff Silkie chick to us for free. The large egg next to hers is a duck egg. These are all just regular chicken eggs, and Ginger’s.


This is Ginger and Henriette Penelope having it out this evening.

“Listen here you fatty. My lady locks us up to bring us our food and she has to run around like a chicken with her head… well, never mind what she runs around like, but she always picks up our food before you squeeze your fat self under our fence to come eat it all. I’m getting pretty sick of it, because we never get to finish our food! Beat it sister!”


These Silkies are for eating, and for drinking rich bone broth. I have been looking for pure Silkie’s this year and got these for free with my organic chicken feed order.


How in the world can we eat these, you may ask?


I know, they are so cute.


Anyway, you gotta eat something, and we love to nurture lives well fed and well lived. I also saw this article and this article on why Silkies are very special eating.

A dear friend asked yesterday how the Silkie chicks are doing now and here they are this evening, loving being in their own pen outside, instead of in the house.


Back to Ginger’s egg. I doubt it is really Ginger’s egg. I always thought these tiny eggs were from chickens who had never laid an egg before and this was their first one. I have never gotten one of these tiny eggs from any of my chickens before, so this is a first. Besides Buff Silkies lay a pale cream egg. One of our Cuckoo Marans has been on and off broody and is acting a little egg bound, so I expect it is hers.

I had the most delightful experience and coincidence yesterday, being lonely and bored that my brood has been gone for so long. I searched the internet for my very favorite blog, in hopes I could find her again. I followed Granny Miller every day during the Ron Paul Revolution of 2008 until tragedy struck and she lost her entire hard drive with her blog on it. Alas, no more Granny Miller for me. But yesterday I found her and this was the article that I read on cock eggs!!

I’m in agreement with Granny Miller, that the picture is worth it.

I have come to the realization in my life that though many things and people scare me, I am not afraid of anything or anyone, even Satan. Ha!

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