Happy Father’s Day, Gorgeous

Yep, you are, gorgeous.


I can say that, handsome, because you are even more than that.


You are dreamy.


Even when you’re bad, but then again, you’ve had to put up with me.


But it’s all been worth it, and we are most blessed.


The women in your life love you.

beppe mei beppesizzer jpeg

You have had the best teacher in life, and oh how you loved him.

pake mei pakesizzer jpeg

And he was so proud of you.

And they showed you how to love and beloved.

Men en Heit op pakje JPEG

And he is proud of you too, but I’m even more proud.

Nataske and Albert jpeg

Because you are so much like my hero, and you loved him so.


And he dearly loved you, trusted you and was very proud of you.

guyon 1 001 copy

So were they.


And she adored you.


Your roots are strong and beautiful.

And I’m so happy to be a part of your family.


She has learned a lot from them, though it is sad she has not seen them more often.

She wants to grow up just like you.


Big and strong, and very smart.


And just as obedient.


For when Pake and Beppe say it is bedtime, and still light outside, how can one resist climbing out of the window?


Thank you for letting her learn to love nature like you do.


And thank you for letting her learn in her own way.


Even though there are distractions.


Because it’s nice to have a friend by your side.


Or at your feet.


We thought we would live this life long ago.


But it wasn’t meant to be.

Natanielle 10-12-01 copy

And you were willing to change hats again.

But not your shoes.

But I’m so glad you set us free, even though the cage was sweet.


There is nothing you can’t do, and I’m glad you don’t listen to me when I’m scared, because she will grow up to be able to do all the wonderful things you teach her.


And you always put up with our crazy schemes.


Even if you are the only guest at a special birthday party.

Or loving the heroes we love.


Or for always being willing, even if it’s gross, and there is always a lot of gross.


Thank you for always giving me gardens.


“Do not let a flattering woman coax and wheedle you and deceive you; she is after your barn.” – Hesiod


You came across the pond 33 years ago with but wooden shoes and a suitcase. I coaxed, wheedled, and deceived because I knew what I was after. I could see a barn in your eyes.

(Thank you Francie and Allan Ivy for the lovely barn photos.)

We are the happy ones, because of you, and because we get to spend Father’s Day with you.

So Happy Father’s Day, Gorgeous, we love you with all our hearts.

But we ask one thing. We will follow you wherever you go, but wherever that is, don’t forget to take us with you.

2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day, Gorgeous

  1. so so lovely, making me tear up here at work first thing on a Monday morning… so sappy but really beautiful. The photos!!!! are fantastic!!! I cannot even stand how cut that little girl was/is!!!! xoxo

    • Thanks Goosey, you know what a sap I am! Now we are off to castrate little Theoden and Stirling. I’ll definitely keep this good dutchman around, he certainly is handy for jobs like this. 🙂

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