Article in July 2013 Cowboys and Indians Magazine

Jaime Netzer of Cowboys and Indians Magazine called me several months ago to interview me and Natanielle for an article on raw milk and micro dairies.


The article is not available online and the July magazine is on the stands now. Here is an excerpt from the article, photographs by Rodney Bursiel.


…”Blogger and homesteader Jamie Huizenga says that the increase in demand is also about taste. “Honestly, once people do their own research and read about the differences between factory milk and pure raw farm milk, and once they try raw milk for themselves, there is no way you can go back to factory milk.” But, she adds, if raw milk is nowhere to be found, “there are many dairies now which are producing grass-fed, non homogenized, organic milk, which is low-temperature pasteurized and is an excellent substitute.”


…Huizenga first made the switch to raw goat’s milk because she’d been having trouble bringing pregnancies to term. “To this day, my daughter has not needed an antibiotic,” Huizenga says. “I credit the raw goat’s milk greatly to this success.”


…Just what does raw milk taste like? Huizenga’s daughter, Natanielle, who is now 14, describes it this way: “Raw milk is much creamier and thicker because it has all the cream in it. The first time I tasted raw milk, it was like melted ice cream. Pasteurized milk tastes like chalk to me.”



Featured in the article is the Frerichs Dairy near Austin, Texas, a 100 year old, three generation dairy farm which has registered Jersey cows and sells raw milk and cheese.

Also featured is Phoebe Judge, program director for American Micro Dairies, an association to help support and connect small dairies across the country.


Thank you Jaime and Cowboys and Indians for writing an article on raw milk and micro dairies, saving the family farm and family health.

Thank you to the Frerich family for continuing to perservere and live the rewarding and back breaking life of dairy farmers, your family and customers are blessed.

Also thanks to American Micro Dairies for your work in connecting and supporting small dairies.

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