I hope I can find her a calf to adopt.

I stayed out there until midnight.  She did not seem to mind me being there, but I probably was bothering her.  I guess I wouldn’t have known what to do anyway.


12 thoughts on “I hope I can find her a calf to adopt.

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  6. so so so sorry, darling. awful news to hear. best bet is to send the man to the sale barn or call that awful CAFO dairy and see if there are any bum calves for sale. good luck. xoxo m

    • Thank you dear friend. I have another idea I’ll discuss with you later. Just got home from picking up N. from camp (she had a wonderful time) and Lucy has three dead piglets and one is alive. I don’t think she has had any more and she is breathing pretty hard so maybe more are in there. I’ve got to go take care of that calf somehow and then milk out some from poor Annabelle before she explodes. N is with Lucy right now.

  7. Oh I am so sorry. I understand this I have cattle too and have been through this. I do hope you can find a calf. Found you on A Rural Journals site. Take care and good luck. B

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