Today is Look For Ginger’s Chicks Day!

What?  You mean this Ginger? Yes, that Ginger, even though she is too small for a husband, and really has never laid an egg.  At the end of the Chicks Out Of Control saga, you may recall that Ginger became broody and comotose sitting on an empty nest, pining away for her own brood.  I took three of the darkest brown eggs and put them in her nest and she was instantly shocked!  So pleased with herself, she has been sitting faithfully for 21 days.  Today is the day where we begin to look for her chicks.

Each day when it is feeding time I carefully lift her off her nest and put her right in the feed pan so she can eat and drink before I have to pick up the feed because of the fat pigs squeezing under the fence.


She scurries around like the other Silkies, constantly dodging the mean, bigger beaks of the large chickens.


Even the ducklings are mean to the Silkies.


Unfortunately Natanielle found out this morning that another hen had snuck into Ginger’s nest last night and laid an egg in there and now she is sitting on four. Ugh, as it happens to be a dark brown egg and I did not mark them to make sure which three are Ginger’s. In any case, Ginger’s eggs should hatch tonight or tomorrow, as none have begun pipping the shell yet.

Finger’s crossed they are Welsummers instead of Marans.


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