Meet Marcelo

Lucy had a very rough time with delivering 9 stillborn piglets on July 26, but little Marcelo was the only one born alive and strong and a good eater from the start.


It is amazing how fast tiny piglets grow, and considering that Marcelo, named after the son of our dear friends,  Jackie and Blanca, was the only survivor, he got all of Mama Lucy’s milk.

DSC_0620 2

Thank goodness Natanielle took these darling pictures of Marcello yesterday, at 8 days old.

Hiding in the straw to keep warm and wait for mom when she goes out to eat some grass.





I love my mom.



and I love my dear Marcello.


I know it will come as a shock, especially in light of how many piglets we have lost.  It is heartbreaking to report that little Marcello must have gotten adventurous late last night.  He was fine with his mom when I fed her last night, but later he must have ventured down a crack between the door, and did not survive the journey and we found him this morning.

Lucy is devastated, as are all of us. Dear Marcello is already greatly missed.


6 thoughts on “Meet Marcelo

  1. That is so precious. I am gad that she has one baby left. You have had a tough time of it there on your farm these days. I hope every day just gets better and better

    Kris Bledsoe Upper Island Farm

    “…when the last individual of a race of living things breathes no more, another Heaven and another Earth must pass before such a one can be again.” – William Beebe

    • Thank you Kris. I’m afraid you must have misunderstood the post, as the little man died in the night. 😦 I’m not really sure we are cut out for pigs, even though I love them dearly.

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