Peach Hatch Green Chile Salsa

I usually use roasted Hatch green chiles for salsa, but I was out and found some fresh Hatch green chilies. Peaches are in season so the salsa was going to be sweet and hot this time.

I used about 16 fresh chilies.


They are not very hot so I just cut off the tops and left the seeds inside for extra flavor and texture.


Cut in chunks to make processing easier.


and process in the food processor using the pulse button.


Process three onions and six bunches of fresh cilantro. I pulse process the stems of the cilantro first and then the leaves so I don’t over process the cilantro leaves.


Peel one head of garlic.


place cloves in the food processor


and add two heaping tablespoons of whole cumin seed


and one heaping tablespoon of Real sea salt or other natural mineral salt.


Process for a while to break up the seeds a bit.


To get the most flavor and use out of limes I just cut off the skin and process the entire flesh of the lime. I used three limes for this salsa.


I don’t remember how many peaches I used, but I think it was about 8 to 10. I bought a case of amazing Palisades peaches for $40 and wash them well to rub the fuzz off, cut in slices and freeze in quart ziplock bags for kombucha and peach kefir ice cream all year. This case has not lasted long enough to freeze any as the guys are enjoying them fresh.


Don’t process the peaches but cut them in chunks over the bowl to catch any sweet juice.


I added a heaping tablespoon of ground cumin and a heaping tablespoon of ground coriander which goes so well with peaches.


Mix well and taste for salt and spices.


I always add living kefir whey to salsa or other ferments to add probiotics. I add 1/4 cup to a quart of salsa and you need to leave about an inch of head room in your jar. For these jars with a plastic lid I just top off the salsa with the kefir whey, as we will eat this salsa right away.


For jars I ferment for longer storage in the refrigerator I use mason jars with tight fitting lids. Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup kefir or yogurt whey to the jar, leaving an inch of headroom at the top. Sally Fallon recommends leaving the ferment out at room temperature for three days but I don’t do that. I leave it out for a day and then put it into the refrigerator. Kefir whey is very active with probiotics and continues to ferment and multiply in the refrigerator and if I leave it out for three days the fermentation process goes too quickly for my taste.


Peach Hatch Green Chile Salsa on Punk Domestics

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