Quick Tallow Salve

Straight coconut oil on my face is just not cutting it, especially being out in the sun and on the tractor a lot.  I’ve been out of my tallow salve for about a week or so and I could not stand it another minute.   Rendering lard and tallow does take a lot of time, which is why you want to make a big batch when you do, so there is always plenty on hand to cook with or make a quick salve.

The common proportions for tallow salve to herbal olive oil is 8 parts tallow to 1 part olive oil.  Last time I used 10 parts tallow to one part dulcamara infused olive oil because it is so dry here.  It was a little difficult to get out of the jar and apply because it was a bit too hard, but I loved it.  This time I used one part dulcamara/olive oil per 8 parts tallow and also added 2 parts coconut oil to make it easier to spread.

Take one pint, 16 oz., of rendered lard out of the refrigerator and melt it slightly in hot water to remove it from the jar.


Put tallow in a double boiler and slowly melt it on the stove.  I used 2 oz. of Dulcamara infused olive oil, but any herbal infused olive oil would be wonderful.  I usually store my rendered lard and tallow in the refrigerator if I am going to store it for a long time.  A cool pantry is fine as well, if the seal has not been broken. If the jar has been opened it is best to store it in the fridge.


Add oil to the melting tallow and add 20 drops of essential oil for fragrance or other healing properties.


Add 2 oz. of coconut oil.


Stir and remove from heat when all the tallow has melted.


Pour into sterilized jars and put the lids on tight. This will create an airtight seal.

Since the pint jar of tallow was full to the top I probably had more than 16 oz of tallow. This batch of salve filled two 4oz. mason jars and two 8oz. mason jars.


Quickly put the warm salve in the freezer so it can harden before any of the oils separate. You do not have to store this salve in the refrigerator.  If the seal of the jar has been broken and you will not use the salve regularly, then store it in the fridge. You will have to scrape the salve out with your nail or a knife if it is very cold, but it will quickly melt in your hands to apply.


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