Scottish Highland Cattle For Sale

Update as of Nov. 4th. Here is the new ad with current pictures on Craigslist:

We have decided to sell our Scottish Highlanders, purely grass-fed and antibiotic/hormone free.  We have three pure bred cows which are bred back to a fine purebred Highland bull, and a heifer and steer calf.  The three year and a half old heifers have very special coloring, white, deep red and brindle.  Email us for more information. Pictures below are taken this fall and also in the winter to see some of their long winter hair.

3 – bred cows $1200 each (one cow has been sold)
2 – calfs $350 each, one heifer and one steer, born in March and April of this year. (heifer calf sold, steer calf sale pending)
3 – year and a half heifers, one white, (one deep red and one brindle are sold), $850 each
1 – Highland Bull – $1200











15 thoughts on “Scottish Highland Cattle For Sale

    • Hi Ron, this was posted in August of 2013, and yes we found homes for them. If you are interested in highland cattle, I have a contact who breeds and sells them if you are interested.

    • Henry, We sold our Highlanders, but if you are interested in them, I can connect you with a breeder who connects other Highlander breeders and sales. We are in Colorado.

  1. I love the little white heifer, we have a white yearling bull (and a few cow/calf pairs, mixed yearlings, etc). I wish we were in the market for more, but we are also going to be cutting back a bit and focusing more on our Jerseys. I am interested in trying a Highland bull over a Jersey cow at some point. Good luck in finding a home for your little fold!

    • Thank you so much for your comments. We also are going to focus more on our Jerseys and our sheep. We are going to keep our Highland bull and he has bred our Jersey/Brown Swiss heifer and we will breed him to our other Jerseys in a month. I’ll let you know how the cross is, as we are excited to see how this turns out as well. Take care. 🙂

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