Delicious Grass-Fed Lamb For Sale

Our heritage breed Dorper Sheep produce the most delicious lamb imaginable, absolutely nothing in comparison to grocery store or restaurant conventionally raised lamb which has a gamey flavor. We have three left of the six that are for processing right now, available for pickup at Kinikin Processing in Montrose next week, or I can deliver to you in the Gunnison/Montrose area. We had requests for meat right now, and for varying weights of lambs, and the bulk of the largest lambs will be processed in late October/November and in the spring. Some clients prefer the smaller lambs due to the freezer space available to them and prefer more delicate portions for fewer mouths to feed at home. All lambs are sold by either live weight at $3.50 a pound or rail weight (appx. half of live weight) at $5.99 a pound.

This article from Dr. Mercola is a great introduction as to how important it is to eat grass-fed only, natural meat without antibiotics.


The lamb chops are amazing and are generously cut at 1″. Included are whole leg of lamb, whole shanks, whole shoulders, all of which fall off the bone when slow roasted in the oven or easily in a slow cooker. Ribs and all the other cuts are delicious as well and instead of stew meat, we have as much ground into our favorite lamb burger to use for burgers, meatballs, or meat squares.

Also included are all the organ meats for pate or other healthy recipes and all the bones for rich soup and bone broth.

Our lamb are all raised in a pure environment, drinking clean river and well water, no exposure to any pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics or hormones. They are fed strictly fresh green pasture, hay and alfalfa in the winter, with absolutely no GMO or unnatural grain or other feed to finish them off, only what they are designed for: grass.


Available now:

One weighing appx.100 pounds which would make the rail weight cost (half the live weight, appx. 49 pounds) around $295.

One weighing around 86 pounds, for a rail weight (appx. 43 pounds) cost of appx. $250.

and one weighing around 70 pounds for a rail weight (appx. 35 pounds) cost of appx. $200.

Our wonderful State inspected processor in Montrose, Kinikin Processing, charges $80 to process, cut and grind, and professionally wrap each lamb with care and this cost is paid for by the customer.


Please contact me by email grassfood @ (without the spaces) and I will reserve one of these lambs for you for next week delivery/pick up or you may reserve a larger one with a $100 deposit for later this fall. Our sheep are raised with love and freedom, albeit sometimes too much freedom, but we are continuing to work on our fences.


We are working out the logistics for later this fall to be able to supply and deliver some of our friends and clients in the Dallas area with this amazing lamb as well, so let me know if you are also interested. thanks – Jamie

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