Request for Daily Grass

Since I dumped my Facebook, I have had a few requests from friends for quick daily updates, or maybe a photo of the day, just to show a few happenings around the place without having the time to create a full post. This lovely first day of fall might be a good day to start, so here goes.

Truman the Highland bull has been romancing Annabelle for the last week, and I’m pretty sure they had their honeymoon last night. Today he has dropped her like a hot potato and has set his charms on Elsa, who had not even been given so much as a sniff since he has gotten here.

Now that my milking machine pump has been broken for about a month, and I am hand milking again, it is a luxury when I can get Natanielle to at least go get Annabelle for me. Today she goes and I am waiting, seeing her lying up against Faline and everyone luxuriating in the superb 65 degree sunshine.


The temperatures have dropped to 25 degrees (f) the last few nights, with no rain for two days and the leaves are just beginning to turn yellow on a few trees. The drive to Lake City shows most of the Cottonwoods and Aspen turning to gold and crimson.

2 thoughts on “Request for Daily Grass

    • Oh I am so happy you started writing again!!! For some reason I can’t follow your blog, probably because my internet connection has been acting up, but I will keep trying. Thank for letting me know you started back up and I look forward to your posts. x Jamie

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