Smart Ajax

Ajax had three of these in his face that I just saw and carefully pulled out.


It is painful to remember how many dogs we have had to either anesthetize or take to the vet to pull out mouthfuls of these quills and I’m so happy he backed away from the aggressor before the porcupine got too mad.

He could have ended up like this.

Here were Ajax and Helena when they were puppies.


and now Ajax is even bigger than Barlow was.


3 thoughts on “Smart Ajax

  1. I would love her email. Our boy is a Great Pyr x Anatolian Shepherd. I do love the Great Pyr personality, he is so gentle around our young children, which was a big deal for us. I would love to find a female so we can breed in the future.

    • Oh they are the most wonderful dogs! We have always had Great Pyrenees, but this is a mix of GP and and Akbash, which has turned out to be such a good mix. There is a woman in Gunnison who has had several litters of these pups, and I think she has a few left of her most recent litter. Maybe she will have more liters next year. Let me know if you need her email address.

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