A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

The Dutchies’ dream has always been to marry in the US, specifically here.  So, now’s the time, ready or not.  Her love is roses, and thankfully they arrived along with lovely hydrangeas last night.  Here is a sampling of some of the “rose themed” flavors (though not all rose flavored) I’ve been working on for the wedding dinner Saturday.


Left to right:

I was out of lard for the biscuits and pie pastry, so I’ve been rendering lard today.  Hot mustard cream sauce, rose geranium infused sweet vodka, fresh mint dressing, rose geranium cream sauce, fresh mint cream sauce, applesauce, rose geranium syrup, heavenly pearsauce, rose geranium/peach kombucha.

Samantha made this bouquet for Natanielle and has finished her lovely wedding bouquet…

There was a strike one on the kale part of the boerenkool recipe, so it will be made with roasted beet greens (lots of other stuff… but no kale) instead which will make the mashed potatoes pink (ahh to match the roses.)  Thank you dear Rebecca for helping me with the beet greens and kvaas.  Instead of sausage, which I don’t have, we will have leg (s) of lamb.  For those in the know, it is indeed dear Bramble.

“How can you name animals intended for food?”

How can I not?  We love them, love them, love them… then eat them.

Blessed indeed.

5 thoughts on “A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

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  2. Love it! I so enjoyed our time together and getting to know more of you! Thinking of you as we are busy too…preparing food and party for 250 guests. Oh the joy of weddings….love it! God Bless…..Carol

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  3. I cannot wait to eat Bramble with you!!! Love all the goodies you have been making! It’s going to be a wonderful wedding and wedding meal!

    • Thanks to the finest photographers on the planet, it will be beautifully memorialized! PLEASE don’t take any pictures of me, the low carb/high fat has turned into high carb/high fat. Ugh. If only I could render my own lard. 😉 xoxo

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