Do you know anyone who wants a Family Milk Cow?

Update as of Jan. 4th, 2016

All of the heifers we bought in Iowa over two months ago are doing very well.

As of this time, we will not consider selling the yearling Brown Swiss (A2/A2).

The three registered Guernsey heifers are acclimating well to this climate (southwestern Colorado, near Gunnison), and are doing very well.

We will consider selling one or more of them in the near future, or will wait until they calve and sell one or two of them, or sell their heifer/bull calves (which will also be registered Guernseys.) (two are A2/A2, and one is A1/A2.)

email me if you would be interested in the future. grassfood @ me. com

Update as of Nov. 7th, 2015

We purchased four milk cow heifers in Iowa recently. Three of them are registered Guernsey heifers and one is a registered Brown Swiss Heifer. We are entertaining selling two of them, but not sure which two yet, and are willing to discuss trade options for a Guernsey A2/A2 milk cow.

Update as of Oct 7, 2015

The cows that our friends had for sale a few years ago, are no longer availavle.

We have put our dear Jersey milk cow Faline and her 2 month old calf for sale on Craigslist.

She has been rebred to an A2/A2 pure Jersey bull.

update (They are sold, Oct. 12, 2015 for $3500)

This is Faline and her calf in August.



This is Faline when she was a baby

DSC_0004 copy

And these pictures are of them a couple of days ago.







Faline’s father is Zealot, a champion Jersey from New Zealand

and this is his picture


21 thoughts on “Do you know anyone who wants a Family Milk Cow?

  1. I wish I had seen your site long ago. I’m still looking for a Jersey cow and I live in Peyton Colorado. Please let me know if you know anyone still selling any. Thanks
    PS I perfer the family pet type. In younger days had my fill of kickers. More brown swiss than jerseys though.

    • Hi Linda, I have asked around to my friends, and nothing available at this time. I do have a dear pure Jersey, who is due to calve within two weeks on her second calf. Her father is a champion bull from New Zealand and she is very tame, a pet, halter and lead trained and super easy to milk. That being said, we are not positive we will sell her. It depends on what calf our guernsey has. She is bred to our a2/a2 jersey bull.

  2. I too have just come across this post and would appreciate more information. My family is looking to get a nice family milker in the spring. Thanks so much!

  3. I would like more info.. My husband and I are looking to buy a milk cow in the next couple of months. Thanks Suzanne

    • Hi Suzanne. I do have a lovely purebred Jersey (Faline), smaller size, who was bred by our a2/a2 Jersey bull. She is due in 3 weeks on her second calf. She is lead trained and halter broke, very sweet and easy to milk, super gentle. I am considering selling her in a few months, if all goes well with our other cow who is due Aug. 11th. Keep in touch, and I will also ask my friends if they have milk cows for sale then. -Jamie

  4. I just came across your post, I’m hoping to get contact information from you if there is still any milk cows left in Gunnison. Thank you.

  5. Does the person or people in Gunnison still have milk cows for sale? If they do, would you please provide their contact information. Thank you.

  6. We have been looking for a family milk cow here in southern MN for a long time. You don’t happen to know of anyone or sources where I could look? Have tried Craigslist and, as well as the local AgriNews newspaper, and shopper classifieds.

    • Hi Amy, I have a friend whose cousin raises amazing Jerseys in Montana, and I know that people from all over the country buy from her. I’ll ask her and some other sources and will get back to you. Oh I hope you get one! 🙂 The very best place to begin looking would be this link to the Real Milk finder of the Weston Price Foundation. Contact these raw dairies and ask them if they have or know of cows for sale.

    • I found this Jersey source as well. In case you are wondering why a dairy would sell a good cow, the main reason is that they need to have a uniform herd breeding cycle. Sometimes cows might miss their breeding by artificial insemination, which is done so they pretty much all calve at the same time. Then they have cows calving at different times, and they usually want to get rid of those cows. Perfect for family milk cows though! Let me know if you have any luck, and I’ll keep looking for you as well. 🙂 Jamie

      • We found one!!!! I am so excited to go get her this weekend. Thank you for all of your posts and pictures and information about milking cows. I did not grow up around cattle, and really appreciate you sharing what you are doing!!

        • Oh Amy!!! I am so happy for you. What breed are you getting? My heifer had her calf recently and her bag is still swollen with edema, and a friend’s just calved today and she was asking about milk fever. I just found this super informative site, which you will also love: Please stay in touch and tell me how it is going. 🙂 Jamie

      • We are getting a Jersey, just what I was hoping to find. They are so beautiful. I think it may be hard to stop at just one 🙂 Thanks again!

  7. Oh, I think some of these are my friend Amy’s cows that she sold this spring. I wish I could buy just one more….but somehow my husband already knows what that *actually* means, and he has nixed anymore future cow purchases for the next year. I think he’s on to me…

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