Preserving the Vitamin C in Rose Hips

We get a lot of vitamin D through grass-fed raw milk, butter, cream, pastured lard and never using sunscreen.  In the winter we do take fermented cod-liver oil  (aka “dog poop” but I like it) and during the year in case anyone is coming down with something.  I don’t think we get as much vitamin c as we probably should, so I’m making my own.  (FYI, the other thing we take is astaxanthin and the cheapest way to order it is to order 2 of their offer of buy 2 get one free, which is cheaper than buying six bottles.)


These rosehips are from the same bushes we gathered the rose petals for to make rose butter this summer.

After the first few frosts the rose hips are ready to be gathered. Don’t gather any from roadsides or use those from florists or gardens where they have been sprayed.

I must say that I had a lovely afternoon up in the high mountains, but turned back when I almost stepped in a huge, wet pile of red/orange poop which was entirely full of rose hip seeds and pulp.  Yikes, it must have been from a bear!

Pinch off both the stem end and the bloom end and place in a mason jar. Fill the jar with as many as you can, then rinse well with clean water and drain. Immediately pour in raw Apple Cider Vinegar and put on the lid.  Store in a dark pantry, shaking every once in a while.  After a month I will put it in the refrigerator. I don’t strain the hips out, but you may if you prefer at this point. Use the apple cider vinegar, which will now be a rosy pink color and full of vitamin c, as you would for salad dressing or other dishes, or just take a spoonful in a glass of water in the morning for a tonic or when feeling under the weather. Adding it to hot tea and honey is also a treat.


Who said vitamins had to taste bad?

Ok, I guess SOME people think the cod liver oil tastes like dog poop, but they have to take it anyway. Ha!

Preserving Vitamin C in Rose Hips on Punk Domestics

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    • Yay! I’m sitting by a cozy fire and processing the last of these rose hips and getting a little bored with it, and am low on apple cider vinegar. I’ll just dry the rest, thanks! xoxo

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