Visual Stimulation

The other night I was processing apples, apples, apples and this time instead of making applesauce I was freezing the slices for future apple pie…  I was so proud of myself for coming up with a scam of putting the slices of apples in a ziplock bag then forming them into pie pan shapes for freezing, and sucking out all the air.  Ha!  Then all I had to do would be to thaw them out when the Dutchman gets home and wants real Colorado appel flappen.  So I show my scam to my little girl and she says, “oh, mama!  please make an apple pie, now!”  Once she saw it, she had to have it!  Well it was about 8 at night and of course I selfishly comply.   🙂  Nothing like homemade apple pie with a thick glob of raw cream on top!




5 thoughts on “Visual Stimulation

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  3. Also, all I did with the apples was one tablespoon organic sugar (you could use honey of course) and some cinnamon, and the juice of one lemon. If the lemon is organic I would grate the lemon peel and put that in there. Those apples are Jonagold, which is a cross between a Jonathan and Golden Delicious, and they are sweet and get soft and wonderful when you cook with them. Maybe they will have some more at the last Farmers Market this Saturday. Do you want me to email Mark and ask Emma to save you some? xoxo

    • Sure Francie, but I don’t really have one that I 100% stick with. My favorite cookbook is Stillroom Cookery by Grace Firth, written in 1977. She is a hoot to read and I use her as a guide, and I think she is amazing. I adapt her pie dough recipe to 2 1/2 cups pastry flour, one teaspoon real salt, one teaspoon sugar, mix well. Cut in , or rub in with your fingers, 1/2 cup rendered lard (not hydrogenated lard from the store) and if rendered lard is not available use butter. Add about 6 to 10 tablespoons of very cold water and lightly press together and form into an even shape which you then cut in half. Form both into a round flatish disk and cover with plastic wrap, refrigerate one and freeze the other (for a future pie crust) or use both if you are making an apple pie. (I usually make pumpkin pie so I need just a bottom crust, and I tried to just put a crust on top of the apple pie, but Nonnie would not let me get away with it and insisted on top and bottom crust.) Let them chill in the fridge and roll out.

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