Spoiling My Milkman

I do want him to come back, actually I’d like him to come back and stay. In any case our little girl has been begging for empanadas for a long time and hearing that my friend has been making hand pies, which I think are the same thing, I thought I’d spoil the guys when they got back. They deserve it. Today they mucked out a foot of “muck” out of the big barn and put in a thick blanket of straw and fixed it so the mooing, pooping machines can’t get in there, only sheep.

I cleaned out the chicken coop and now it has fresh straw and sawdust, fake eggs to hopefully lure them away from hiding them in the barn. We had another set of twins today and Luna has decided that she only wants one. All is well now that the man is here, and we have gotten her to nurse all day and they are in a warm igloo with a heat lamp. Maybe I will have a darling bottle lamb, but hopefully not, but am looking forward to getting all this meconium off of me.

I will later post the recipe for the empanada pastry and fillings, which were cheese and onion and lamb and onion. The only problem we had with them yesterday was that I did not make enough. haha.


8 thoughts on “Spoiling My Milkman

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  3. Ooh!! I made some yesterday with chicken, onion, leftover polenta and cheese… you are right, hand pies, pasties, empanadas, etc. are so great. I sent a bunch with my man for his road food. Next on my list are a Russian pocket filled with cabbage and onions that have been cooked until very soft in a ton of butter. Because after all, one can never have enough fat at this time of year! 🙂

    • Wow, you are superwoman! I would love your recipe for the pastry part and I marvel at how good your chicken… ones were. Your man will surely hurry back from the ocean. I have not made them in a LONG time and now that I have lard I halved it in the way I used to make them instead of using all butter, and I don’t think they were as good. I still have to tweak it. Thanks for the inspiration, as always. 🙂 p.s. I have way to much fat for this time of year! better stop eating empanadas. haha!

      • I use white flour, and lard (don’t ask me about proportions) and one egg mixed with cold water, plus a tbsp of apple cider vinegar and some salt for the pastry. I used the epicurious.com empanada dough recipe for my initial intro to these some years ago but filling is whatever leftovers I have around – lamb stew for a bent on a Cornish; spiced chicken meat pulled off the carcass that has been simmering all week; ground beef and mushrooms with lots of onions and parsley for a Finnish; cabbage and onions for Russian; potatoes, peas and curry for Indian; five-spice pulled pork with scallions and leftover rice for Asian; or even just sausage, ricotta and some tomato for an Italian fix… best thing for school lunches since sliced bread! The lard/egg/vinegar thing makes for a super flaky crust and these are easily eaten at any temperature. They become sweet rather than savory when you add a touch of sugar to the dough and then fill with apples & cinnamon, or honey, ricotta & pears, or peaches cooked down with a little cardamom, or frozen berries, etc. [starting to salivate just thinking about them!!!]

        • Thanks gander-less! I do hope your time without the honker is peaceful and restful, as much as it can be with having to do it all solo. I’m definitely going to try your yummy recipe, and wow! what incredible fillings! xoxo

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