Bottle Babies

Yesterday Luna had twin girls and rejected one. I have noticed a trend, that if lambs are born in the night, it is more likely that confusion sets in and the first lamb born is not bonded with like the second. But this darling, strong lamb, named Jen, has so much personality and determination. We have been successful in holding Luna many times a day to let Jen nurse, so we at least have not had to bottle feed her yet, or take her in the house.


She is a sneaky nurser and will probably be like Herbert in James Herriot and steal drinks from all unsuspecting moms.



Grace had her first baby this morning and she is strong, but Grace has no milk. She loves her baby and is a good mom and lets her nurse, but it is not enough. I just got back from giving her a bottle of colostrum, which she was most grateful for.


It is going to be zero degrees f tonight and the three little ones are in their igloo with a heat lamp and their mamas in the pen with them.


Jen has a lot of Katahdin in her and I’m partial to brown which is why I’ve been considering a Katahdin ram.


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