Living in Paradise

A dear friend sent me this photograph of her view from her kitchen window today. Wow! thank you Francie.


I’ve been dealing with hunter’s hell. Some of the hunter’s compound that have parked directly across the dirt road from us on the hill came down today to complain that our livestock dogs barking kept them up last night. Of course the incessant coyotes howling and cows bawling from our neighbors cows being out must not have bothered him. He insisted for me to tell him what I was going to do about it, how to keep my dogs from crossing over the line of our property to where he is parked, with blood and skins and bones and flesh strewn about from the hunter’s slaughter of the last month.

I told him that if he really needed his sleep, then he would just have to shoot them, but that we live here and it is their job to patrol and hunt for coyotes who hunt our lambs. We live here and they will be here for three days, and could have picked thousands of acres to park upon, but chose this one. hmmm.

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