Can you help me spread the word to sell some more of our big lambs?

Hi friends.

I have an appointment with Kinikin processing in Montrose for December 2nd and still need to make room in the barn and sell some more of our biggest lambs. They are selling well, but unfortunately many of our mama lambs are having their babies now and I need room in the barn for them, as it is getting bitter cold at night. I would so appreciate it if any of you might know someone pretty local that might want a whole or half lamb, and you could spread the word. I can also arrange to have it shipped from Kinikin and checked on the price to Dallas and it is about $2.00 a pound extra for UPS and a cooler.

Thank you so much!

p.s. Two more lambs last night to two first time moms that have very little milk. So now I have four bottle lambs I am trying to keep alive, but at least each one has a devoted mom, which really helps.


Here is our current ad on Craigslist:
and it has more pictures.

“Our heritage breed Dorper Sheep produce the most delicious grass fed lamb imaginable, absolutely nothing in comparison to grocery store or restaurant conventionally raised lamb which has a gamey flavor. Do you know where your food comes from? …and how it was raised? Having healthy meat in the freezer is the best form of insurance.

We still have a few available to reserve and they are selling fast. The largest lambs will be processed in early December and in the spring. All lambs are sold by either live weight at $3.50 a pound or rail weight (appx. half of live weight) at $5.99 a pound plus the processing fee.

We are now taking orders for larger lambs, apps. 60# to 75#, rail weight, to be processed early December. May be purchased by half or whole. All are processed and professionally wrapped by State inspected Kinikin processing. You can pick up the lamb directly from Kinikin processing in Montrose, or we can meet for delivery in the Gunnison/Lake City/Crested Butte/Montrose/Salida area. Also available for shipping, which is appx. $2.00 a pound extra for cooler and UPS.

Absolutely no antibiotics or pesticide/GMO feed, only pure river water and mountain grass. Raised with love…you can taste the difference.

Here is a copy of our Lamb Brochure and Order Form:

Click to access grassfood-brochure-two-pages-copy1.pdf

Please visit my website for more information, recipes on how to cook this amazing lamb, pictures and contact information.”

2 thoughts on “Can you help me spread the word to sell some more of our big lambs?

  1. Jamie, I spread your brochure to some acquaintances including a Providence mom in an organic coop. I hope that brings you business! I want to order some but never!! cook or eat lamb so don’t know how much to get 🙂 I’m thinking of a half lamb so u can get my feet wet with recipes. Any thoughts? -Sarah

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    • Oh thank you Sarah! If we could get a few from Dallas, we possibly could drive them there in December, and that would save a lot on shipping. It is really easy to cook with and so delicious. Nothing compares to the lamb I used to buy in Dallas, even at Whole Foods, as that was very gamey tasting and ours is super mild. I’ll certainly help you with ideas on how to cook all the different cuts. xoxo

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