“Have you eaten the Silkies yet?”

I’ve had a few inquiries as to if we’ve eaten the Silkies yet.

Why in the world would anyone want to eat Silkies? The articles in this post explain it.

Well, for one thing, we have not eaten them because they are the only ones laying eggs right now, tiny little things, and I’m grateful for those rich little yolks while those fat big hens are either holding out, molting, or hiding them in the hay barn instead of in the coop. Unfortunately the only Silkie rooster drown in the water trough late this summer when the chicken coop was moved. I had hoped to keep a breeding pair. In any case, the four ladies we have, the fluffiest being Margie, are so darling, I don’t think even I can face processing them, groovy black skin and bones or not.


6 thoughts on ““Have you eaten the Silkies yet?”

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  2. I am planning to order some Silkies in the spring. I would be happy to tack on a few extra if you don’t plan on placing an order. 🙂 I would like to have a small breeding flock….not sure if the black meat and skin will appeal to me, but it’s worth a try. Maybe we will offer them in the ‘Adventurous Palate’ shares for the CSA.

    • I am hoping to find Standard Silkies instead of bantams. Unfortunately, I have no idea why, they are not available here, only in Europe. I guess on the next trip someone should bring back some “chocolate eggs” with foil wrapping. haha. I really want Black Copper Marans though and will happily order some with you. They lay the darkest brown egg of any breed. These articles are the reason why I thought of eating Silkies in the first place. 🙂 http://www.pinterest.com/pin/78742693457047120/ and http://www.pinterest.com/pin/78742693457046744/

      • I read the articles when I saw your first post about them. Very interesting! I was unaware that they were available (or not) in standard size. Maybe someone has some hatching eggs? I have a few Cuckoo Marans in my upcoming flock right now. Their eggs will most likely not be as dark as the Coppers, but they should be noticeably darker than what we have now. I love having a rainbow of eggs for our customers. I have also heard of people crossing a Maran roo over an Americauna hen and getting a chicken that will lay deep olive eggs.

        • I have some Cuckoo Marans and it seems that I am always saving those eggs for something special because the yolks are always much deeper than the rest of the eggs. The egg shells are brown but not as dark as they used to be when the hens were younger, and certainly not as dark as the Black Copper. We have hatched out some Cuckoo Maran hen eggs who had been with our Americana rooster and they indeed are a very pretty olive. I love multi colored eggs and I’m sure your customers are so happy with that. 🙂 Oh and I do have a Welsummer rooster and hen (she lays dark brown eggs) and want to separate them this spring to get more pure Welsummers. They are very big roosters and would make great meat birds.

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