Dehydrating… everything.

When I had a Beaver Dam frenzy, and kept ordering more, I was a little sick of roasting them, and using them in Liquid Fire, so I decided to dehydrate them.

Once you have the dehydrator going, nothing is safe, and I looked around to see what else I could slice up so I would not have to preserve, can, ferment or worry about spoiling, and I sliced up about a case of delicious wet onions that I knew would not store well and about 20 head of garlic. Dehydrating really intensifies the flavors of everything and is such a space saver.

Pretty self explanatory.






I did add a teaspoon of Real Salt to each jar, in case there was still a bit of moisture.



The Beaver Dam peppers made the most deeply flavorful red chile powder I’ve ever tasted and will definitely make much more of this next year.





and then you just process the dried slices in the food processor until a fine powder which will have some larger flakes and the seeds.  Yum!

I saved time with the dehydrated garlic by just cracking the cloves and dehydrating them intact.  When dry, just pulse in food processor, pick out the garlic skins and process garlic fine.


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