It Should Be Illegal

But to add insult to injury, we are paying for it, with our taxes and our health.

This morning, with deep blue, pristine skies, promised to be a glorious day.

Four hours later: Chemical Shit Storm. 360 degrees.  grrrrr.










So, where is the outrage?… it is possible that there are some people who never look up at the sky at all, or by the time they look up, the sky has already been “seeded” and it just looks like a cloudy day. Or it is possible that someone’s world view cannot allow for the possibility that The Powers That Be would ever do Evil in the guise of “The Greater Good.”

hmmm, I was going to say something else, but it seems I forgot what I was going to say.  Must be all that aluminum I’m breathing.

In any case, What in The World Are They Spraying? and Why?

4 thoughts on “It Should Be Illegal

  1. I think it is oh so sad and worse, until the movie mentioned above came out we’ve not really been able to prove that it’s been happening. We are so overcome with our daily survival that it’s incredibly difficult to wage war on Chemtrails. Like all things, big pharma, fluoride etc. the lies are coming out. Hopefully the next step is to get some people in charge who will stop the poisoning of Earth’s citizens, and Earth herself. Either that or a HUGE grass roots uprising.

    • I do believe that grassroots begins at home, one bite at a time, and that our recourse is with our resources, one dollar at a time. We can choose to play the game and pay into their system, or open our eyes and opt out. I agree it is sad and worse, but our hope lies in exposing lies and living truth in freedom. I think it is more important to realize that we are in charge of our own health, our own bodies and our own minds, and don’t need to wait for some overlord to make it all better. We can stop our own personal poisoning, for the most part, and if enough of us do, their profits will crash and their party will stop. Peace to you and thanks for stopping by.

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