“Mama, I know something you don’t know!”

I absolutely love learning new things, and she was right, she definitely did know something I did not know.  Even better, then we knew something that even DAD did not know! What a great feeling to learn something so simple, yet so necessary to make a miserable task so much easier., and to rub it in that you know it when macho doesn’t.  Even Jackie didn’t know! haha.

She learned it from Hank, who is proven to be the smartest and greatest because he married Rebecca, and visa versa.  😉

I admit that I hate putting fuel in equipment, cars, trucks, tractors, bobcats… I hate the smell.  The man is constantly bringing home a different rent car from the airport, or trading something in, so I never really bond with any vehicle anyway, and don’t even recognize friends or neighbors vehicles because I don’t pay attention to them.

When the time comes to have to put fuel in any said vehicle though, no matter how many times I have filled it or owned it, I still needed to get out at the gas station to see which side the tank is on, and usually being wrong I would have to pull around to another pump to get on the tank side.  It’s also not that much fun when it is freezing outside.

Now don’t laugh if you already know this, and be amazed if you don’t.


Look closely, if your fuel gauge looks like this, you get a pass.

Or this:


or this:


You get a pass because your vehicle will still operate after an EMP and your door probably looks like most of our farm vehicles:


But for the rest, trapped in the age of the computer ruling that vehicles must be fixed by a computer, and that we even need a chip in the vehicle to let Sauron know where we are, what we are doing and thinking, better yet, google glass or RFID inside of us, our fuel gauge looks like this:


or this:


Notice anything?  That little arrow points to the right or the left to let you know what side the tank is on.

You are welcome, and BIG thanks to Hank. xoxo

BTW, the man has already rented 20 vans for the flower shop for Valentine’s Day deliveries and with all our other vans… it is always a nightmare to quickly get them filled.  Can someone PLEASE show the drivers this special trick?

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