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A few friends have asked for a few ideas/suggestions on what to eat during a transition for a Real Food traditional diet, Primal, Paleo, low carb/high fat… grass-fed , non-GMO… diet.  New Years Revolutions, don’t ya know.

There are so many amazing sources of experts with research, data, science, instruction… on this, that I won’t pretend to be any of those, but will try and direct those interested there if needed.  For the record, I do read and research, a lot.

My main focus right now is “OMG, I’m hungry NOW!  What am I going to eat so I don’t eat some crap?”

First of all, you lovely little lab rat, give yourself a break.  You are addicted and it’s not your fault.  Well, it is your fault if once you discover Truth and then you turn a blind eye to it, but that is another matter to wrestle with your own body and soul.

Anyway, it is no secret that Big Pharm, Big Farm and the 1% want us addicted super consumers and health care clients of their “food”, “medicine”, “education”, and “truth.”  Follow the money and the power trail. A Google is a terrible thing to waste.  A great way to start is by purchasing the ultimate nutrition cookbook Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, and you will be on your way.  Also take a look at my favorite food and health links at the bottom of my GrassFood blog.

Zero calorie anything, low fat anything, processed anything, GMO anything will addict you in a major way, as a faithful customer returning to the trough, so you must break free on your own.  Friends help.  🙂

For those of us who either need to lose weight or detox from processed foods and regain health, have found that by eliminating all processed foods, sugar and fructose, wheat and high carbohydrates and eating healthy fats (coconut oil, butter, lard and tallow from grass-fed animals, real olive oil, grass-fed meat and eggs and raw dairy) and by eating lots of raw and cooked vegetables, some fruits, sprouts and living fermented foods, will eliminate the poisons causing sickness and eliminate the addictions to junk and processed food.

But ya gotta eat, right? and it should be highly satisfying, filling, nourishing, pleasing, and much of the time FAST, or else temptation sets in, sickness follows.  Two steps forward and one step back will still thrust you forward.  Here are some things I am trying to keep on hand, to make real quick meals that are highly satisfying.

Intermittent fasting, which is eating your meals between 11am and 5 pm, or 12 pm and 6 pm, is another weight loss tool.

Try and remember to thaw out lamb chops  or steak the night before, so they are room temperature when you are ready to cook them.


Always have a pot of bone broth simmering on the stove, or jars of it in the fridge.

Make up extra ground lamb or beef mixtures for meatballs or meat patties, and pack the extra in pint mason jars so you can make delicious meatballs or patties in less than 5 minutes.



This is a quick favorite meal, or skip the eggs and pack it in a thermos for a hot lunch.





And of course, always have aoli made in the refrigerator to make a quick dressing for salad or coleslaw. Put greens in a bowl and top with eggs and bacon…


So its a start anyway, on a long and continued journey towards a stronger and healthier body and mind.

I’d love to hear more real food ideas that are fast and great to have on hand that help you make it through changing bad habits into good ones.

“Oh great. Mom’s on her New Years Resolution again and I haven’t had any carbs in over a week!”

(teacher overhearing conversation) “Uh… Isn’t that your fourth cupcake?”

“Uh… no, it’s my fifth.”

hmmm. We’ve all got a long way to go. 😉

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