Baa Baa Black Sheep

“Have you any wool?”

“No, sir, no sir, we are hair sheep.”

Two darling black spotted males born last night to Rose Bud, first time mom.




This little girl was born yesterday morning in the snow when her mama snuck off.


And this little man, who looks just like his father Shawn, was also born yesterday morning.


Nota Bene: Chryptorchid castration is NOT reliable. 😉

We now have had 36 baby lambs born this winter, and counting…

10 thoughts on “Baa Baa Black Sheep

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  2. Oh these photos make me miss lambing, but only for a moment or so 🙂 ha! adorable little buggers, aren’t they? love the black ones!

  3. Beautiful! Since visiting you, I am sold on sheep. 🙂 Any chance you may have a boy from your kryptorchid male that would match to some unrelated females? Dying from the cuteness over here, hope you are enjoying your new year so far.

    • Haha! As I was milking tonight I was definitely thinking how I can sell some more ewes! I can certainly fix you up! They really are wonderful and the weather has been spectacular! we are supposed to get 6 inches of snow tomorrow though. Let me know what you are thinking when ever you want, but before I band them. 🙂

      • Definitely. Tis the season for spring/summer/fall farm planning…..except that the weather has been nice, and we have spent more time than usual out of doors. Well, we are buckling back down into school this week, so I will have some spare moments to scheme. 🙂

    • Not too many troubles, but two were stillborn, and I had to put a ewe and a large lamb down about a week ago. The weather is spectacular though, WARM (for here.) 🙂

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