My Milkman Brought Me These



I made him this.


Pay back is sweet.

I think he’ll come back.


Tallow Crust

3 cups white flour
3/4 cup tallow, lard or butter. (not hydrogenated lard)
1 heaping teaspoon real salt
1 tablespoon sugar
cut in fat with pastry cutter and then crumble so fat is in tiny beads
add about 8 to 10 tablespoons cold water
form into two balls and put in refrigerator for about 30 min.
roll out top and bottom crust, cutting off excess. (save for sweet empanadas.)

Apple Pie Filling

Sliced apples to fill pie pan, frozen (I used these I made this fall)
grated rind from one large organic lemon
juice and pulp from same lemon
ground ginger
honey to taste
(I also added sugar because it was pretty sour, and why not? He is only here for one day.)
Brandy (again, why not?)
and some flour to thicken up the juices a bit
Let the apples thaw and stir everything very well.

Put bottom crust in pie pan, fill with apple mixture, put on the top crust and pinch crust edges together. Take the thumb and index of your left hand and make a pinch, use your right hand index finger and press your knuckle on the inner side of the crust into the pinch of your left hand fingers to make the crimped edges of the crust.

Cut some x’s in the top crust to let out steam

Bake at 350 for about 45 min until brown.

14 thoughts on “My Milkman Brought Me These

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  5. Martha, martha, martha… putting us all to shame with that gorgeous crust!! I guess the only question I have for you is: where is the heaping mound of whipped Jersey cream to go with it?!?

    But, I can also vouch for Rebecca’s amazing plum crisp too. Beautiful and delicious! We will be some phat cats when we all get together again!

    • Haha, I probably would have been Martha, in the kitchen eating apple pie, while Mary was sitting at Jesus feet. Oh well. I have not served it to him yet, and he is picking Noni up from school now. I thawed out some cream-separator cream last night, because I have not been separating in a long while, so yes, a big thick glob will go on top, if there is room after Siegfried’s T-bones. 🙂 Maybe they will eat their pie first!

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