Poffertjes Voor de Boer

I hate making pancakes, but the Dutchman loves them.  I’m trying to think of easy things for my little Dutch baby to make my big Dutch baby while I am gone, so I thought I’d try Dutch Babies. I never tried to make one, even though on the internet you see rave reviews of them.  It looks a little gloppy in one big pan, so when I saw this article, I decided to make a variation on the recipe and try it.  There were many comments on how they could not figure out why a Dutch Baby is Dutch, and noone seemed to figure it out. I think I have. Most people think of tulips when they think about Holland.  I am pretty positive that Dutch Babies are poffertjes, which are the second reason to visit The Netherlands, the first being french fries. (I have since found out that the savory version of these are traditional English Yorkshire Puddings. Thanks Francie!) DSC_0030 I had never used my cast iron muffin pan, and was a bit worried if they would stick. It makes a difference to have it seasoned well. I don’t have an abundance of raw butter right now and so I used stick butter instead. Slice some off and put in the bottom of each cup and preheat the oven to 450 degrees. DSC_0441 Take a quart mason jar, beat four eggs in it with your stick blender. You could use a regular blender also. Blend for about 2 minutes until very frothy. DSC_0448 Take one cup of whole milk (of course raw is best if you have it) and pour in the milk slowly while the blender is running. Beat until frothy. DSC_0456 Put the cast iron muffin pan in the hot oven now, and let the butter melt and get hot (don’t let it burn.) Add some cinnamon and some vanilla extract and a pinch of sea salt. DSC_0460 Add in one cup of white flour and blend for about 30 seconds. DSC_0467 Take the hot pan out of the oven, the butter or fat must be hot!  In experimenting, I have found if I don’t let the oven fully preheat to 450, and don’t get the pan hot enough before I pour in the batter, then they don’t puff up as well. Once in the oven, lower the temp to 425.DSC_0471 Pour in the batter and fill each cup to a little over 3/4’s full. DSC_0472 Put in the oven for 20 minutes until crisp and brown. DSC_0480 Serve with maple syrup. Only those who have a cow can show off by also serving it with cultured clotted cream. Oh the glories of having your own cow, and having your milkman home. DSC_0507 Now that his tummy was full, I was instructed to drag him and the old Case tractor up the hill to the road. DSC_0003 That did not last long, as I was spinning and sliding everywhere, so he had to drag me on the Case, backwards. DSC_0006 The big metal piece on the Case breaks off and the chain goes flying and we go sliding. DSC_0008 Really gunning it now. DSC_0017 I’m trying to steer the old monster and of course he does not look back. DSC_0023 Make the turn past Ruby… DSC_0028 and through the posts to the road. DSC_0031 Now I’m really not paying attention, and he is dragging me pretty fast backwards, and of course I am trying to take pictures. DSC_0041 …so I get some “instructions” DSC_0045 …which I ignore DSC_0048 It sure is handy to be a man. DSC_0065 DSC_0073 and he’s glad to be a milkman again, especially now that Valentine’s  is over. DSC_0071

12 thoughts on “Poffertjes Voor de Boer

  1. This morning while browsing Pinterest one thing lead to another and I wound up checking out Dutch Babies. From there I wound up here; from another blog where you had made a comment with a link to this page. WELL. So much for Dutch Babies. I’m now laughing and reminiscing about my own tractor towing experiences while looking at your pictures showing the path of your backwards towed tractor. I remember how much ‘fun’ it is steering a tractor backwards while twisting around to look where you are going not to mention anything about being towed faster than anyone’s steering abilities – while going backwards. Been there, done that. I didn’t “listen to instructions” either. All I kept thinking was “well, slow down then”. You brought a huge smile to my face and lots of warm thoughts. Thanks for the memories and Visuals. I miss the farm.

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  4. Yummmm. What if you put a butter sauted apple in the bottom? Or a few blueberries and lemon zest and nutmeg instead of cinnamon? Wait, I’m distracted. Was looking for pate recipes…

    • Those are great ideas. I am still experimenting, and did make them for the man this morning, as he has been dying for me to get back home. My oven is so crummy, and I did not pay too close attention to the time in the oven, and kept opening the door, which kept lowering the temperature. They were not as light and crisp, so next time I am going to leave them in for at least 23 min before I check on them. I’m going to experiment with the savory ones Francie was talking about, Yorkshire Puddings, and put herbs… cheese… and sausage in them and see how they turn out. Let me know how yours turn out. Thanks for stopping by Stephanie. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Haha, dear cousin, do you mean the following instructions part? One of the times when I was in boarding school and my headmaster called Daddy for a major ball-out, (I can’t remember if it was when my friends and I put a horse in the dining hall or called the fire department on the school,) he did not give the headmaster the proper answer as to what he was going to do with me. He said, “Well, it runs in her genes, and I don’t mean j-e-a-n-s either.” ๐Ÿ˜‰ xoxo

    • Oh I am so excited to find out about the Yorkshire Pudding! Thank you! When I was making these, I thought about how good they would be as a savory and made with tallow instead of butter, and there you have it! You Brits are so smart. xoxo

  5. That looks yummy and fairly easy.., your Poffertjies are actually Yorkshire Puddings if you leave the Cinnamon out and serve them with Roast beef instead of cream and maple syrup!! What a great idea! I want one of those cast iron muffin pans!! Good job on moving the tractor!

    • Really?!!! That is so great to know about Yorkshire puddings and I will definitely look that up! They are SO easy and really, dangerously, good. ๐Ÿ˜‰ There are lots of junk shops in Dallas, and I will visit some of my old haunts to be sure, and will keep my eyes peeled for a pan for you. xoxo

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