Kleine Perzik Taartjes

Ok, I know this is pretty mean, unless you happen to be coming right over, but then again I only made three. Pretty darn darling, and not very hard, good to freeze once assembled, with the lid of the mason jar on, to be baked when needed. Need I say more for cute alert?


The peach filling is a quart size ziplock bag of peach slices I froze this past fall, a heaping spoon of fresh ginger , some honey, a bit of cinnamon, and fresh lemon juice. Tart indeed! Just thaw out the peaches, cut them up a bit and mix in the other ingredients, no need to cook it.  I do have filling left over for another day.

Roll out pastry dough and press it inside a wide mouth short mason jar. Fill with filling, either sweet or savory, and use the mason jar lid to cut the right size circle for the top crust. Seal edges with fork and bake in a 350 degree oven for about 45 minutes until brown. My oven is super crummy and they have been in there for almost an hour, probably because I keep opening the oven door!


Ok, I lied, I did experiment with two tiny mason jars as well.


Truth be told, I’m making tart shells and freezing them for an upcoming “birthday party” and when the man saw me rolling out the dough, he just could not wait till then.   😉

I have a duck in the oven that I processed yesterday for duck tarts.

If you were going to make these ahead of time and freeze them, you would put them in a COLD oven. Take the lid off the jar and place in the cold oven, and turn it to 350, bake for at least an hour until brown. What a great treat to have stashed in the freezer, but I know I’ll have to hide them pretty well.


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