Elrond, Ivanhoe, Ichabod.  We had not been able to come up with a grand enough name for our beautiful new Katahdin ram, until now.

We have named him Kalon.


“Who is Kalon,” you may ask?  I’m happy to tell you.


Kalon Wall is the executive chef and co-owner, along with Christopher and Natalie Phillips, of the most spectacular new restaurant in Crested Butte, ‘Supper at the Sunflower’.  The restaurant shares the Sunflower space, at 214 Elk ave., with another restaurateur for lunch, and Kalon’s magic happens from 6pm till close, Tuesday – Saturday, featuring the finest in local, organic, grass-fed only… artisan foods, including our very own Grassfood lamb!


Our dear friends, Bill and Kelli Parker of Parker Pastures in Gunnison were kind enough to tell Kalon about our heritage, grass-fed only lamb, and we are so honored to have it on their menu. The fine grass-fed, grass-finished, beyond organic beef that Kalon serves is from Parker Pastures, and you can also order this amazing beef from the Parker’s for your own freezer.

About a week ago my friend Meike and I had a girls night out and experienced Supper at the Sunflower for the first time, and were totally blown away!

The magical evening began when we walked in and Chris came from behind the counter to give us a delightful hug, fringe benefits of being farmers. 😉 We got to sit at the bar, right next to where Kalon and his superb sous chef, Ian Scott, performed their magic. Dear Natalie treated us like queens, picked out our wine from their amazing wine list, and brought plate after plate of the most creative, fresh, delectable treats we could imagine! Truly each and everything we saw and tasted was a work of art and memorably delicious.

Kalon creates a new menu each day, with the freshest ingredients that arrive daily from our very favorite farmer, Mark Waltermire of Thistle Whistle Farms, from whom I get most of my fruits and vegetables throughout the growing season.


SUPPER @ The SUN M63 copy

Please tell your friends that whenever they visit Crested Butte, Supper at the Sun, cannot be missed!

To make a reservation, or to book the restaurant for a private function, call Natalie at 310-945-7566.

You can thank me by ordering the lamb. 🙂

The next time we go to have dinner, we will be armed with cameras to capture the delightful ambiance and to be able to show you the food. Crested Butte certainly has a treasure.

Thank you Kalon, Chris, Natalie, Ian and everyone else for making us feel so special and giving us a night to remember.   Congratulations on such a success in creating the best of the best!


Kalon the Katahdin is such a gentle ram and he allows us to pet him. He is a gentleman and always looks after his harem, waiting until all his ladies and their babies are in the barn at night before he goes in. We look forward to his fine genetics in improving our flock.





17 thoughts on “Kalon

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  5. Wowwie so incredibly proud of you. Such hard work deserves a chef like him and his clientèle will appreciate your efforts. So much love. Mel

  6. So proud of you Jamie! I’m sure that lamb gets rave reviews!!! So much love goes into them! 😉 Wow, I love that menu, too!Hopefully, some day….. :):)

  7. Jamie, I had just heard about the Sunflower about 10 min. before I got your email…what a coincidence and what fun! I can’t wait to try it this summer….and will order lamb! Jane Jenevein

  8. I love that you name your animals after people you know, it is a very special way to honor both the people and the animals. 🙂 He is such a handsome boy, and good to know that he is kind. I think I might be interested in speaking with the Parkers about dairy cows if you happen to have a moment to pass along my contact information, or theirs. 🙂 Beautiful photos, as always.

    • Well, little Jen is our favorite little lamb, after our favorite Crowded Acre farmer! I will certainly give Kelli your info as I know they still have some great cows! xoxo

    • Oh it is really great, and I can’t wait to go with you guys! Maybe just you and I need to go first, as Luit won’t be here much in the next two weeks, and then we go later with the guys? I’ll ask Kalon what he thinks, as maybe for the big “photoshoot” he wants to wait until the patio is open? xoxo

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