Spring Thaw and Does Fat Float?

The spring thaw has really arrived in the last few days. Some views from our ride home from school yesterday.






Since it has been so warm, the river has begun to rise. Henny Penny decided that there was a lot to root around in across the river. She and the cows did not come home for the last two nights.  I had just picked up the man from the airport and we thought we better try and get that fatty home.  Perhaps the lure of food and the rest of the pigs on this side of the river would tempt her to cross back over.


She comes running.


Now everyone wants in on the action.


but alas, she is not about to cross.



Ajax wonders if this will work.


Helena is not convinced.


So he tries to lead her to another place to cross.


Nope, she is not going to fall for it, and besides we have to get back to Louisa who is lambing (and had triplets, the first of Kalon’s lambs.)


Is the man that relieved to be back on Terra Firma? No, it seems his boots were full of ice cold water and he tilts up his heels and Niagra Falls gushes out of them.


We’ve also got to get the cows back across, as Becca is due to calf pretty soon. This morning we are going to have a pig round up and rodeo and somehow drag her across the river before it gets too high. I wonder if fat really does float?

7 thoughts on “Spring Thaw and Does Fat Float?

  1. You might want to try to put the bucket over her head and back her up – that’s how we move our stinkers when we need them to go someplace. One person holds/pulls the tail, the other holds bucket over the head and “steers.” It ain’t pretty but it works! Good luck!

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