Surprise Lambs

Today we had three lambs, which caught me by surprise.

Dovey had twin males, and her last lamb was a single, born 6 months ago on Oct 19, 2013.



And Yvonne had a big single male, and her last twins were born 6 months ago on Oct. 15th, 2013.



They are safe and sound in the barn with hay and water because it started to ice rain and is supposed to snow tonight.

and darling Jen, who will soon go to live with her namesake at The Crowded Acre, maybe with her sister Jan and her mama Grace.


3 thoughts on “Surprise Lambs

  1. They are beautiful. I am lambing now and wondering if I am having problems. Had to bring a really small twin in and feed. Put him back with mom and brother but will continue to supplement if needed. Another doesn’t seem to let lambs nurse when we are there. Is this normal??

    • Well Wendy, I will tell you what works for us, and see if it helps, as different things work for different farms. First of all, even with a seasoned ewe, we always separate the ewe and her new lambs, right after birth for a few days, in a small pen so the lambs can bond and begin to nurse well. It is always best if you can get the little one to nurse off it’s mom, and keep them together if at all possible. That being said, don’t hesitate to supplement like you are doing, because sometimes if you don’t, they will die. As far as the other lambs nursing when you are there, are they penned up together in a small pen? Have you seen them nurse, or seen them urinate to make sure they are drinking? Sometimes with difficult ewes, or first time mom’s, we do have to hold them against a corner and get the lamb on to nurse, which is easier with two people. You have to do this several times a day, but after a few days usually the lamb can easily nurse on it’s own. I hope this helps! 🙂

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