Water Woes II, Otherwise titled Wow, What a Man!

Took most of the day but the man rounded up a dump truck and some boulders.



Obviously, I was not driving fast enough, as he passes me in a rush.


Gotta get those new boulders in before it gets dark.


After building up the levee with rip rap, he brings in some more big rocks.




OOps.  Well, the bobcat probably will not fall in the river right now.  There is only so much daylight left, so he goes ahead and switches to the tractor.


With several more big rocks, the water is beginning to trickle into the measure box.




The sun is going down and a bit more water is starting to rise.


but certainly not enough to get onto the meadow yet.


All play and no work makes Jack a dull boy.


But not my man, work to him is play.  My dear dad was the same way and always looked forward to another big project.  He was famous for getting vehicles stuck too.




Slowly it builds up enough to run down into the ditch.




He never says where he is going, so we just wait for his return.



He got a chain, and I’m supposed to pull the bobcat out.


“Now pull the chain tight, and keep it tight!”


“Ok, your tire is close to the edge, and your rear end will probably swing that way, but KEEP GOING!” (and put down that stupid camera.)

Actually he did not say that last part with his mouth, but I can’t translate the Dutch that was coming from his mind.


It pulled out fine, but he jumped back into the tractor for some more loads of rock.




and this morning there was a faint stream of water on the meadow.


Now we are going to work the sheep and load Grace, Jen, Jan and Tzipporah onto the trailer, go to Almont and pick up Meike’s goats and head to Buena Vista to my friend Jen’s farm,  The Crowded Acre.

She has put together a group called The Farmers Femme of women farmers on the Western Slope and Front Range and we are so excited to meet new friends.





4 thoughts on “Water Woes II, Otherwise titled Wow, What a Man!

  1. Why does this make me remember “Save the burning people!!!” 😉 🙂 Oh Luit!!! You are amazing!!! Good job guys! :):)

    • hahaha! Exactly! Remember when he made all those customer ladies get in the cooler because of a tornado? He kept screaming that there is a tornado outside (which there pretty much was) and all those Hockaday hat moms kept complaining they were cold and that the shade of pink on their daughters graduation hat is not exactly the right color pink. haha!

    • Ha! Yes, he is. But right now he is yelling, saying “We need every minute!” 😉 Anyway, the lambs are all tagged and banded, and yours are on the trailer. I’m pretty sure Tzipporah is going to lamb any day now, squishy bottom you know. Gotta milk, shower and then we are out a here! xoxo

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