Tiny Tortilla Flatbreads

It’s a fact that if I don’t make some sort of bread, it will get purchased when the “brood met kaas” Dutchman is here. Sourdough bread does take planning, so these tortilla/flatbreads come in handy in a pinch, as they are very easy and fast to make. Unfortunately for me, they are really, really good.

I tweaked this great tortilla recipe from The Prairie Homestead.

Take two cups of white organic flour, (always buy flour that in unbromated.) “White flour?” you may ask? Yes, thanks to my friend Meike and the book Cure Tooth Decay, I am set free from my fear of using white flour and am free from horrifying tooth pain because of this. My friend Francie turned us on to this site for organic, sprouted flours to buy in bulk.

So… two cups white flour, one teaspoon of real salt, and for flavor I added one heaping teaspoon of ground cumin, and a bit of cayenne pepper.


Add four tablespoons of good fat, such as coconut oil, rendered lard (not hydrogenated!), or butter. I used coconut ghee, which really has an amazing flavor, and worked perfectly for this. Cut the fat in with a pastry cutter, or just rub it in the flour with your fingers until it is in small bits.


Add 3/4 cup of whole milk, whey, kefir, kombucha… or even boring water if you must. I used Becca’s colostrum, which alas did not last long, but when Annabelle calves we will be swimming in it.


Mix well and knead the dough until it is soft, cover and let it rest for a while. Cut the ball of dough in half, then those halves in half, and those in half, until you end up with 16 even pieces which you roll into balls. If you want larger tortillas, only make 8 balls.


I’m lucky to have a tortilla press which I snatched up from our local consignment store for $10. ha! I also use it to crush garlic cloves which then instantly peel.


It does make the job lots faster, but it is easy enough to just roll out the dough with a rolling pin. You will be able to roll them out thinner yourself, as the press makes them thicker, and they will shrink back when you cook them.


It helps to place the dough inside a cut open gallon ziplock bag, so you can just peel it off.


Use a cast iron griddle or cast iron pan, heated to medium heat and cook on one side until nicely brown on the bottom.


then flip.


Keep them warm in a low oven until you are ready to serve.


and keep them warm on the table by covering them.


These are more like thick little flatbreads than tortillas, but would be more tortilla like if rolled out thinner. The added cumin really makes them fantastic.

Being realistic while trying to maintain a low(er) carb while living with carb cravers is a little hard. Unfortunately it is also a little hard to milk my cow with my carharts buttoned.

grassfood. featured on HandPicked Nation

grassfood. featured on HandPicked Nation

5 thoughts on “Tiny Tortilla Flatbreads

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  2. These little flatbreads look delicious and tasty..I guess i will have to try them out…can you freeze them..either before or after cooking them?

    • 😉 Yes, you could freeze the balls of dough, separately on a cookie sheet until frozen, then put in a ziplock bag with the air sucked out. It would take an hour or so to thaw them out. Then you could just make a few at a time, which is a good idea! You could also freeze them after cooking as well.

    • yep, unfortunately they are really great. But, making your own is certainly better than getting a Mexican food fix in some restaurant that who knows what is really in the food.

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