Family Milking in the Meadow

“Mom, it’s amazing that we’ve met so many friends through ads in The Shopper.”

It’s true, and we are so lucky. We met Goosey and her dear family through an ad they placed for milk goats, which we bought a few years ago. They introduced us to American Guinea Hogs, Dorper Sheep, and so much more. Each time we are together, we learn more and are more amazed at all they accomplish on their integrated homestead.

Meike just taught a class for Mountain Roots, teaching about 20 eager souls the ins and outs of raising livestock… to provide your family with real food, and when I was leaving I happily witnessed them milking Spicy in the meadow. Too great!



Spicy freshened two weeks ago and because of last year’s bout of milk fever Meike has been easing her into full-time milking as slowly as possible. She is half Jersey, half Normande and makes delicious high fat milk. She was purchased from a raw milk dairy that never milked her by hand, so Spicy also will only really let down after her calf nurses for a couple of minutes (hence the little calf, Cinna, trying to get in on the action).



Meike says she milks her in the meadow because she is so gentle and doesn’t really care WHERE she milks her, as long as her calf is nearby. She is NOT halter broke, unfortunately, so tying her up on a fence post is not an option, but she normally just stands there and chews her cud and lows softly to her babe once the milk starts flowing. Such a good cow!


The fatso in the picture is one of our piglets from our sow Lucy. When Spicy is ready to be milked and is leaking milk, he stands there with his mouth open! The dogs and cats patiently wait their turn for a hopeful squirt.



Goosey is incredible as she milks Spicy in the evening and Rose at 6 in the morning and then heads off to her (other) full time job.


14 thoughts on “Family Milking in the Meadow

  1. Hi, I have been searching for a picture of someone milking a cow with a calf at foot for a post I am writing about dairying on this website Would you be willing for me to use a picture from your blog by any chance? I would credit you and link back to you blog. I also loved reading this post πŸ™‚

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  4. Beautiful! I am loving the strong women in your area and feeling like I should get to know them better! Just give me one excuse for a field trip and I’m there….pretty please!

  5. Aw shucks, you make me sound like Wonder Woman… But really, I am just ‘wondering’ what the heck is going on half the time!! ha! and that calf is the sweetest little thing, although as soon as he sees me with a pail he knows it’s time to defend his udder, the stinker. Thanks for the great photos and the lovely evening. Next time you can teach a class on how to juggle lambing 365 days a year πŸ˜‰

  6. Great story, great pics and a great lady! i love how Meike manages to do all she does and how her kids are so involved! XXX

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