Country Wedding

Centerpieces for our sweet neighbor’s brother’s wedding this afternoon.

Featuring: wild choke cherry, lilac, lupine, dock, iris, blue bells, spruce, and blue bonnets will go in last.












12 thoughts on “Country Wedding

  1. Those are so beautiful! You have a gift. Love the porch with the landscape in the background. Better than the GMO corn, soybeans and alfalfa that I see beyond our small pasture. I dream of a day that we can acquire some of the farmland around us and restore it to grass but until then, I will enjoy the pics on your blog.

      • We did. Bessie is her name and she has far more personality than I imagined a cow would! She doesn’t want to let her milk down as much for my husband so I am the milk maid. My hands were so sore the first 10 or so days, but getting better. We love her milk. We had been buying raw from a local organic dairy with Holsteins and there is such a difference. That milk was good but this stuff is wonderful. We love the “yellow ice cream” as my 5 yo did calls it, with our orange yolks and yellowish cream. And the bright yellow butter! I hope to make as much as possible to freeze for the winter. I have been clabbering some of the extra skimmed milk for our chickens and they love that. We are getting some Berkshire pigs when they wean in a couple weeks, so they can have some of the extra milk too. Our sheep weren’t too sure of Bessie at first but they get along well now. I love milking time, between the sound of the ducks and geese doing their morning preening in the pond by the barn, the roosters crowing, and Bessie’s munching noises and the milk hitting the pail, it is pretty delightful. Have you ever frozen cream? Or milk? Just thinking ahead to when she will be dry, how I can save some to use during that time.

    • Can you imagine the size of those lilac bushes in their yard! Oh how gorgeous and covetous! They have been there from the old homestead, probably over 100 years old. 🙂

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