for Jamie…and a little bit for me

Did you think you were all cried out? Hardly.

the Crowded Acre

Yesterday was a long day.

It started out innocently enough with a blog post of my latest essay for Cozine in which I openly admit that I am not too terribly fond of human beings. Most people know this about me already. But maybe it was slightly overstated for humorous effect. Maybe. 🙂

The day continued as I watched drama unfold via blog posts on another friend’s farm a few mountain tops over. Her cow gave birth and suffered subsequent bouts of milk fever. At one point she wrote, “She is dying,” and I could feel the waves washing over me. I remember when I finally knew Deluxe was going to die. It brought back some pretty powerful feelings for me and strengthened my love for the always amazing Jamie and Co. Why are they so amazing, you ask? I will tell you why: they saved their sweet cow, Annabelle…

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