Farm Fashion Show #2

Noni got what she has always wanted, for her upcoming birthday, a camera. Not just any camera mind you, but one from the coolest cat there is. Thank you Allan for selling it and teaching her how to use it.

This is her farm fashion show #2, photos by Natanielle Huizenga.













To be sure, life is good. Real good.


4 thoughts on “Farm Fashion Show #2

  1. Oh wow! wow! wow!!! Great shots! That last one could be a post card for sure!! All of them, though, are really good! Good eye Noni! Wonderful! Much love!! xoxoxo

  2. OK..she’s got the hang of it and does not need to attend a workshop!!! Noni you rock girl! I love the last one!!!Way too cool.

    • 😉 Coolest camera for sure. It’s easy to take a picture of a cute fatso that flops down in the grass with a smile on her face. Thank your dear man for us. xoxo

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