Weston Price Swiss Farm Tour

We are pinching ourselves. Noni and I are going on this Swiss farm tour. We are already saving money hopefully for next year’s tour and I hope you will too, and go with us! When we return we will share lots of pictures and what we learned. Raw milk is legal and available all over Switzerland, so we will definitely be enjoying that as well.

“Join Swiss Native Judith Mudrak on the 8th Weston A. Price Tour to Switzerland!

July 17 – 31, 2014 with 12-20 healthy WAPF members!

Come see Cows, Goats, Sheep, Milking Horses, Bees…!

*Watch modern and old-fashioned alpine cheese making – meet the farmers!

*Visit a horse farmer, find out why doctors prescribe this milk – Have a glass!

*Learn about Raw Meat, Blood and Sausage preservation – Question the butchers. Enjoy a variety of cured raw meat!

*Visit the Goetheanum, see the Gardens – visit a traditional Bee Keeper!

*Walk with an herbalist on a guided Alpine Plant adventure and learn basic ‘hands on’ Salve making. Take your own salve home!

*Use your elbow grease: make your own ‘ancient art of sourdough rye bread’ in a historical mountain village! Guided walk to the heirloom rye fields!

*Visit the Alimentarium (historical food museum) and take the boat ride to the famous Medieval Castle Chillon on the beautiful lake of Geneva!

*Ride the breathtaking gondola (or walk the path through the cliffs of the mountains) to the 1000 sheep festival on the Gemmi Mountain!

*Enjoy the Route of the Glacier Express with Spectacular Mountain Views!

*Walk the Lötschental where Dr. Price walked!

*Make new friends with like-minded WAP members!! more…”

“Day 1 Thursday July 17: Arrival at Zurich airport. Use validated Swiss pass (validate in airport train station before boarding train!) You may group up with other WAPFers. Take train (tracks= Gleis) to Zurich City, switch train to Rapperswil (Train travel is possible either side of the lake, via Meilen or Pfäffikon) then the city bus to Hostel in the town of Busskirch. Ask the bus driver to point you in the right direction! Then a 10-15 minute walk to the hostel on the north eastern side of Lake of Zurich. Meet and greet 19:00 hour.
No food available at that hour in the hostel. See instructions.

*Day 2 Friday 18: Morning: Visit the Goetheanum in Dornach, included midday meal. Afternoon: half hour walk to private biodynamic bee keeper, learn all about bees. Upon return, swimming in the nearby Lake of Zurich is permitted, or 10 min walk to farm store for fresh food/ snacks. Jona stay.

Day 3 Saturday 19: (ship suitcase) Watch the whole mass production of the world famous Appenzeller cheese, from grass/herb fed cows. Visit the regions historical museum with live old- fashioned cheese-making. Take a 20 minute walk, see 3 countries: Germany, Austria and Fürstentum Lichtenstein. Jona stay.

Day 4 Sunday 20: Visit a biodynamic horse farmer and learn all about milking horses, his profitable raw milk business in the Zürich Oberland and why there is a demand for such milk. Questions encouraged. Included midday farm meal. Jona stay.

Day 5 Monday 21: Travel to Ilanz, GR. Learn about traditional raw meat and sausage drying/ curing/smoking, the use of blood and taste their products. Questions encouraged! Train on Glacier Express Route, ride over the Oberalp Pass to Sion. (pick up suitcase)

* Day 6 Tues 22: Sourdough bread making and baking in the beautiful mountain village of Erschmatt (small mountain bus). Film, guided village walk, view the historical grain-, milling- and storage houses. Find the traditional heirloom rye gardens on the mountain walk. Midday meal. We do the whole process. Take with you 2 loafs of bread (per person). You may want to bring an extra shirt, as it gets very warm in the room. Sion stay

*Day 7 Wed. 23: With a regional herbalist: Lessons and gathering of wild alpine edible and medicinal herbs. Meal. Make your own salve on the beautiful Bettmeralp (gondola). Sion stay.

Day 8 Thursday 24: visit the Alimentarium (food museum) in Vevey. Ride the boat on the Lake of Geneva and visit the famous medieval Castle of Chillon. Sion stay. (Noni’s birthday!)

Day 9 Friday 25: Lötschental: Walk the lush green valley where Dr. Price walked! Meet at Hotel Edelweiss. Bus to visit museum in Kippel or take gondola in Wiler to Laucherenalp. Sion stay.

*Day 10 Saturday 26: (ship suitcase) Leukerbad: Walk in scenic gorge and swim (optional) in natural thermal baths. Take the gondola to Gemmi Alp, don’t miss the last one, check the time!

Group meal on the mountain at about 18:30 hour, overnight stay on mountain.

Day 11 Sunday 27: Breakfast 7:00-9:00. Enjoy the mountains and an outdoor mountain church service on the Daubensee at the famous 1000 Sheep Festival. Sheep returning from the high alp to Gemmialp. Return with gondola, bus in Leukerbad to Leuk. Train to Grindelwald, optional bus to Jugend Herberge Grindelwald.

Day 12 Monday 28: Traditional goat cheese making on Alp above Grindelwald. Enjoy the day in front of the bernese famous Eiger!Late afternoon pick up suitcase. Check time for last bus or walk 20 minutes uphill to hostel. Grindelwald stay.

Day 13 Tuesday 29: Wrap it all up in Ballenberg, Brienz. Huge open air Swiss Museum, visit all day: Farming with old breeds of animals (cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits…), heirloom gardens, herbs, bees, apothecary (old fashion drug store), heirloom grain fields, see remnants of flat breads from the Greeks/Romans, cheese making and much more! Traditional preserved houses from every region/canton of CH. Return with bus, optional boat ride on Brienzersee, or leave earlier to visit the woodcarving town of Brienz, (if you like shopping visit Interlaken) return on train. Grindelwald stay.

Day 14 Wednesday 30: Open to suggestions or free day. Enjoy a day doing nothing at the beautiful, historical hostel surrounded by mountains, or have a day on the lake of Thun (Thunersee or Brienzersee); or go hiking (Grindelwald First and Faulhorn); touch a glacier; or ride the 110 year old steam engine train to Brienzer Rothorn; or visit Jungfrau (top of Europe); or stay local: visit a farm store along with Grindelwalds many souvenir shops and perhaps a local 2nd hand shop.

Day 15 Thursday 31: Morning: ship suitcase to Zurich or bring suitcase to Bern and store/lock it up at train station for the day. Visit the capitol city of Bern: Traditional Bear area, Münster church, Clock tower, walk past the Albert Einstein House, Tour the Capitol Building. There is plenty of shopping for cheese and souvenirs. The following day is also the Swiss National Independence Day! You may want to stay a little longer and watch the festivities!

Late afternoon or evening Thursday the 31st: unless you have other plans, return to the Zurich train station/airport (only 1 hour and 15 min train ride), the 15 day Swiss Pass expires that day…. unless you have a longer Pass and other plans.
You may want to book your airport hotel from the US in advance. Pick one with free airport shuttle. Perhaps you can share room/cost with another WAPF traveler.

Day 16 Friday August 1, your departure…??”

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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